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Press release:

Grønbech & Sønner A/S acquires PFI Flowteknik A/S


As of 01.10.2018, Grønbech & Sønner A/S acquires the company PFI Flowteknik A/S.

Since 2007, PFI Flowteknik has been a trusted supplier and business partner for e.g. Danish pharma- and food companies in the field of pumps and instrumentation, representing some of the worlds’ leading manufacturers. With the acquisition, Grønbech & Sønner takes over the representation of Netzsch, Jabsco, Barksdale, Tuthill, among others, on the Danish market.

PFI Flowteknik's product program strengthens Grønbech & Sønner's position as a main partner within pump and flow technology for both the private and public sector.

"With their broad experience, good relations and strong brands, PFI Flowteknik offers multiple solutions and key knowledge that complement Grønbech & Sønner's existing range of solutions and competencies; and by joining forces, we stand even stronger together", says John Mathiesen, CEO of Grønbech & Sønner.

PFI Flowteknik’s CEO and former co-owner Jeffrey Baltzersen adds: "We have come to a point where we need a generational change. The transfer of ownership to Grønbech & Sønner is a possibility for continued development of PFI Flowteknik. We will be part of a larger business, where our customers can leverage from solutions within an even wider product range and, at the same time, we can maintain our current cooperation with both suppliers and customers."

Grønbech & Sønner represents leading international manufacturers and offers solutions to the industrial, energy and wastewater sectors.

"PFI Flowteknik contributes with a portfolio of quality products from leading suppliers. Together with our existing products and know-how, the joint set up will be a great benefit for our customers in the form of integrated solutions and turn-key projects," says CEO John Mathiesen and continues: "We want to further develop as well as future-proof our business, and with the acquisition of PFI Flowteknik we continue to strengthen our position in the market.”

Experience and knowledge sharing

PFI Flowteknik's experienced staff is transferred to Grønbech & Sønner, to ensure a smooth knowledge transfer and integration of both employees as well as customer service. As of today, already delivered components and solutions will be serviced and maintained by Grønbech & Sønner's nationwide service department.

About Grønbech & Sønner:

Grønbech & Sønner A/S is a total supplier of pumps, valves, actuators and instrumentation, as well as solutions and service within flow control and wastewater. Headquartered in Copenhagen and with departments in Esbjerg, Vejle and Herrup, Grønbech & Sønner is part of the Grønbech Group with around 900 employees and an annual turnover of more than DKK 1.5 billion DKK.

Press Contact:

Mette Nørgaard, Grønbech & Sønner, Marketing

+45 2834 8575

John Mathiesen, Grønbech & Sønner A/S, CEO

+45 2610 8000

Jeffrey Baltzersen, PFI Flowteknik A/S, CEO

+45 4460 0307



PRESS: Grønbech & Sønner A/S acquires PFI Flowteknik A/S
PRESSE: Grønbech & Sønner A/S overtager PFI Flowteknik A/S

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